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Men arrested with $1,000 in stolen butter

A piece of butter curls on top of a flat of butter. (Madlen / A piece of butter curls on top of a flat of butter. (Madlen /

Three men from Brampton, Ont. were arrested on Christmas Eve in Guelph after police caught them with more than $1,000 in stolen butter.

In a news release, Guelph police joked the group “may have had their holiday baking plans interrupted.”

Shortly before 4 p.m., officers were called to a grocery store in the south end of the city where two men were spotted putting a case of butter in a cart and walking out of the store. The men got into a vehicle and drove away but police found it outside another nearby grocery store.

Officers arrested two men who were in the vehicle and a third when he left the store.

A witness told police they saw the third man abandon a cart just outside the store. Officers checked it and found more stolen butter.

In total, 144 sticks of butter and 17 containers of ghee were recovered.

The men, aged 49, 29 and 25, were arrested and charged with theft under $5,000. One of them faces an additional charge for trying to give police a false name. Top Stories

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