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Melinda Vasilije’s sister gives tearful testimony during Ager Hasan trial


The sister of Melinda Vasilije gave tearful testimony on the stand as the trial of Ager Hasan continued Friday.

Hasan has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in the fatal stabbing of Vasilije – his former girlfriend.

On Friday, Melinda Vasilije's older sister, Christina Vasilije, took the witness stand, sobbing at times as she remembered her sister.

Christina Vasilije described her relationship with Melinda Vasilije as close – until the time Melinda Vasilije started dating Hasan.

Christina Vasilije said Melinda Vasilije and Hasan’s relationship was “kind of hidden … my sister really didn’t share much.”

She said she knew her sister had broken up with Hasan on April 3, 2017, and she was one of a few people at Melinda’s new apartment on Country Hill Drive that night when he showed up banging on the patio door.

She added that her sister was scared, and Christina Vasilije helped Melinda Vasilije eventually hide in another person’s apartment.

According to her testimony, Christina Vasilije also saw Melinda Vasilije the night before she died, stopping at the apartment before going out.

When asked to describe her sister, Christina Vasilije said Melinda Vasilije was selfless and forgiving.

“She put everybody else before herself,” Christina Vasilije said.

In cross-examination, Hasan’s lawyer asked about how Melinda Vasilije told her sister that she wouldn’t tolerate being cheated on in a relationship and how Christina Vasilije was aware that Hasan and Melinda Vasilije had broken up in the past and ended up getting back together.

Following Christina Vasilije's testimony, a computer forensic analyst from Waterloo regional police was called as the next witness.

He analyzed electronic evidence in the case, starting with Melinda Vasilijes phone. Top Stories

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