A Kitchener man claims he has trapped over 100 rats at his home in the Montgomery Park neighbourhood since May.

Reg Daly first noticed the rats climbing up his front lawn bird feeder.

He said he was “absolutely freaked out, I had these big gauntlets on because rats carry numerous diseases.”

His neighbour complained to the city about the infestation, receiving tips but not seeing any change.

“We wouldn’t be able to address issues of rats in general areas,” said Gloria MacNeil with Kitchener By-law Enforcement. “We would have to find out exactly where they’re nesting and we would work with that property owner.”

MacNeil provided a fact sheet with details on managing rats.

According to the sheet, rats can chew through soft metals, cinder blocks, plastic and wood, and can infest an area with their feces, urine and fur.

Ontario rats can also carry a number of diseases.

To prevent rats, especially in the home, it’s recommended that you close holes or gaps, trap rodents in and around the home, clean up sources of food, water and shelter, and use a thick plastic or metal garbage can.

A pest control professional said that the increased rat numbers in Kitchener could have to do with rising temperatures and constructio.

“When it’s hot, their life-cycles are shortened and they could populate between five weeks,” said Bruno Levesque with Orkin. "In general this year there's a lot of construction around so we're forcing those rats to leave their natural environment, so they're coming into other areas and trying to find a new place to establish themselves."

Daly said the city told him to keep garbage secured and grass cut to avoid nesting rats.

But the rats are apparently burrowing under the shed that stores his garbage.

He wants weekly garbage pickups in his neighbourhood during the summer to help reduce numbers.

The city maintains it is up to residents to keep properties clear to prevent pests.