Waterloo Region announced details of construction for LRT on Friday.

Work will begin at 12 locations over the next six months.

Construction has already started at the maintenance and storage facility on Dutton Drive in Waterloo. The first stage starts next week and will continue into December. In Cambridge they will be installing new bus stops and bus lanes.

Work will also start along the CN Rail tracks, starting near Northfield Drive in Waterloo and moving through to Kitchener. Vegetation will be cleared, and maintenance done to existing tracks, however work on LRT tracks will not start until 2015.

“We do have to co-ordidnate a lot of moves, a lot of water main moves, sanitary moves, as well as third party utilities so that’s probably the largest single challenge that we have going forward,”  explained Marty Harris, VP of Operations for Grandlinq.

Around September 8, work is expected to start on Caroline in Waterloo. Portions of the road will be closed for up to four months while major relocation work is done between Erb and Allen Streets. Similar work will begin in Kitchener around September 15 on Borden Street.

“It’s in four month chunks, so that means that if they keep moving, and they move, and things go well, we're not going to have an extended period of time where people are going to have the road is dug up,” said Jane Mitchell, regional councillor.

Waterloo Region has launched a website, www.rideION.ca to feature up-to-date information and construction details and detours.

Construction on King Street isn’t expected to start until March of 2015. The entire project is expected to take three years.