Family and friends haven’t given up hope that they’ll find Paul Miller.

The 51-year-old Guelph man was on a trip with his wife in California last summer when he disappeared.

He told his wife he wanted to go on one last hike in Joshua Tree National Park before the two headed home to Canada.

But he never returned.

Miller’s rental car was found in a parking lot but there was no other sign of him.

Over the next few weeks multiple searches were conducted, involving some 600 rescuers and volunteers.

July 13 marks the one-year anniversary of Miller’s disappearance and his family has been left in limbo.

This weekend his loved ones have travelled to the park in search of answers.

Dawne Robinson, Miller’s sister, spoke to CTV as she retraced his last steps on the hiking trail.

“It’s difficult to be where something horrible happened and trying to make sense of it,” she said. “When you’re here, all different scenarios go through your head as to what happened.”

Miller’s wife and two kids are still waiting for some kind of closure.

“We’re never going to stop wanting clues and an answer as to why Paul didn’t return from that hike,” said Robinson. “This experience has been horrible. I never could have imagined how horrible.”

While organized search efforts have ended, volunteers have kept in contact with Miller’s family.

“They send us images of discarded Gatorade bottles or a shirt on the trails, asking ‘Hey, is there any chance this is Paul’s?’”

Robinson says she's grateful for their help.

“They’ve never met Paul, they’ve never met us, and they’re taking their own time to go look in the park and send us information.”

Robinson and her group plan on searching the park until Tuesday.