Police and campus security are investigating 22 reported thefts from a Wilfrid Laurier University residence.

The thefts happened over the holidays, while students were away.

Paul Dragos, one of the students who lives in the building on Seagram Drive, says he spent the holidays in Mississauga. When he came back, he discovered that someone had ransacked his apartment, which he had left locked.

“I realized I was missing an iPod, a bunch of plates, different utensils and clothes as well,” Dragos tells CTV.

“A bunch of my friends down the hall also had iPods, Macs and iPads taken away]. One friend of mine had $3,000 worth of stuff stolen.”

Those and other reports are now being dealt with by campus security, who say they believe some of the affected doors may have been unlocked.

“It is an issue, we are actively looking into … who had access to the building over the break,” says Chris Hancocks of the Laurier special constable service.

Investigators say electronics, food and clothing were among the most commonly taken items.

Hannah Robinson lives in the same building. She didn’t lose anything over the holiday break, but her neighbours’ experiences have her taking extra precautions.

“I’ll take my laptop when I go somewhere. I don’t want to take any chances,” she says.