A defence witness testified Thursday that his brother-in-law, Raja Dosanjh, was not the man who killed a Guelph hotel manager in 2016.

Dalvir Passi claims he was hanging out in his basement apartment with Dosanjh on the day of the attack.

Dosanjh, 26, is accused of gunning down 35-year-old Aly Sunderani.

The court heard that Sunderani was shot about 12 times by a 9 mm submachine gun outside the hotel.

They were also told the Dosanjh lived in British Columbia, but regularly visited family in the Greater Toronto Area.

Passi testified that Dosanjh would store and move bags of marijuana for his friends in B.C.

He also said he saw two tall, bald white men outside his basement apartment on the day of the shooting who switched keys with Dosanjh and took off in his rental vehicle.

They allegedly returned a short time later with the SUV.

Passi also testifiedthat the men stood out to him because they were almost twice the age of Dosanjh and didn't seem like the type he would hang out with.

During cross-examination the crown drilled Passi, suggesting he was lying about the day of the shooting.

They insisted it was Dosanjh who pulled the trigger and Passi was the driver of the getaway vehicle.

Passi repeatedly denied those accusations.

He said he refused to give a statement to police because he was worried his words would get twisted.

Dosanjh has decided not to testify at the trial.

Closing arguments for both sides will take place on Monday.