A rendition of "O Canada" that was specifically for the City of Kitchener’s 2020 virtual Canada Day Special continues to be played in classrooms across Canada.

"There was a school that reached out from Surrey, B.C. recently and that's the place I grew up and went to elementary school,” said Amanda Kind, artistic director of KW Glee. “To know that our version of O Canada is playing in classrooms is really meaningful and special.”

KW Glee’s video on YouTube has been played more than 128,000 times in the past year and half.

In the video, the Waterloo Region-based youth choir harmonizes and sings in-sync. But the 65 members had to individually record themselves.

“It was a little bit more work,” said 14-year-old lead vocalist Isabelle Aboagye. “But once the video was done and Steve did all that, it was so good.”

Steve Lehmann composed and produced KW Glee’s version of our national anthem.

He admitted the leg work in individually assigning group members and then editing all the videos together took some time, but said the outcome was worth it.

"It's great for people to be able to see what kids can do as a group, given the right resources and the right system," added Lehmann.

Kitchener’s mayor made the initial request for KW Glee’s performance and is proud to see it being used in classrooms coast-to-coast, helping youth and educators start their day on a positive note.

"It's about how can each of us play a role that we can with the talents we have to be stronger together and make a difference," said Mayor Berry Vrbanovic.

Aboagye said performing the anthem alongside the KW Glee members anthem provided them hope at the start of the pandemic and is thankful the song continues to give others hope a year and a half later.