Drivers in Kitchener may soon have to slow down to 40 km/h in certain areas of the city.

A pilot project is being proposed next week at Kitchener City Hall that would impact three neighbourhoods.

"Speeding resurfaces time and time again as being one of the top concerns for community members and council," explains Aaron McCrimmon-Jones with Kitchener Transportation Services.

That's what prompted a speed limit review for entire neighbourhoods at a time.

Those neighbourhoods are Huron Park, Doon South and Stanley Park.

Some residents of the Stanley Park neighbourhood say they like the idea.

"There are so many children in these areas here, and people do drive very fast around here," says Erica Staeger.

According to a staff report, a pedestrian hit at 50 km/h has a survival rate of just 15 per cent.

That survival rate jumps to 75 per cent at 40 km/h.

The speed limit review will be tabled at the community and infrastructure services committee on Monday. If approved, Kitchener council will vote on it later this month.