Residents of the Traynor-Vanier area held a rally Saturday after their neighbourhood’s walkability was drastically reduced.

Permanent fencing was added for safety around the light rail tracks that now run through the area.

Residents have seen short walks to nearby stores turn into thirty minute endeavours, or in some cases, a two-connection bus ride.

The route around the fencing has added over a kilometre each way.

Some have begun hopping the fences, or pushing over the barriers altogether.

Those at the rally are calling for a pedestrian bridge or crossing to promote safe crossing.

John Gazzola, the neighbourhood’s city councillor, says that steps have been taken to add a safer crossing option.

“I’m being told funding is planned for it early next year,” he said.

Mayor Berry Vrbanovic told CTV that many steps still need to be taken before any kind of solution can take effect.