That's the verdict handed down in Woodstock at John Robinson's trial. He's been convicted in the death of Clifford Fair in 2008. But this will not be the end of this story.

Robinson's defence lawyer will be seeking an appeal largely based on a bizarre event in court.

John Robinson is convicted of killing 26-year old Clifford Fair. His step mother Heather Meadow says," Clifford was taken from us by a cold heartless monster, with a blatant disregard for human life.

Fair's dismembered body was found in November 2008 in the backyard of Robinson's apartment. "It's been more than agonizing for us that he displayed serious lack of respect for Clifford's remains." says Meadow.

Two months prior to the discovery Fair visited Robinson and his then girlfriend Amy Gilbert. After a couple of drinks, Robinson hit fair with a pipe wrapped in a towel. Robinson alleges Fair was stealing from him.

"We're pleased," says Crown attorney Tom Heehen, "We think it reflects the evidence that the jury heard and we're thankful that they took the time to look over everything so carefully."

Court resumed Thursday morning without the jury to discuss concerns about an alleged invitation from a jury member to the Crown attorney. Jury members are not allowed to communicate with anybody involved in the case during deliberations.

After calling the jury member in question to the stand as well as two court staff, Justice Kelly Gorman ruled that there was no invitation extended to the lawyer and this was all a miscommunication. The decision allowed the jury to resume deliberations.

But Robinson's lawyer Anik Morrow is outraged. She doesn't agree with the judge's ruling and will appeal the jury's verdict. "It doesn't go unnoticed that this has come down in time for the party on Saturday to which we obviously we didn't receive the invitation." says Morrow.

But before the judge hands down her sentence on June 26th Clifford Fair's mother is expected to read out a victim impact statement.