An internet-originated stunt aimed at inflaming racial tensions appears to have shown up in Kitchener.

Monday morning, employees of Eastwood Collegiate Institute and Grand River Collegiate Institute arrived at the schools to find signs reading ‘It’s okay to be white’ affixed to doors.

According to the Washington Post, signs with the same message have been popping up on campuses and other public properties across North America in recent weeks.

The idea for the signs appears to have originated on the website 4chan, where one user suggested that they could increase social unrest and potentially convert people to white nationalist causes.

Waterloo Region District School Board spokesperson Nick Manning says the signs were taken down once they were noticed.

“Our schools are safe spaces. We want to see them be safe for all of our children, so to see this kind of thing emerge is a worry,” he said.

Manning says the school board does not tolerate any form of racism, and notified police about the signs.