WATERLOO - Shannon Bradbury: Lyndsay we are here in Uptown Waterloo where you've done several weather broadcasts over the years.

Lyndsay Morrison: Oh my goodness, so many I can't even keep count. We've been here in the middle of winter when it's been minus 30 (C) outside and here on 30 degree plus days in the middle of summer.

So this is a special place for me and truly, broadcasting live on-location is one of my favourite parts of working at CTV Kitchener, meeting so many incredible people. I can think of car shows and splash pads where it felt like the entire community came out and it was just so energizing and I've loved that.

SB: And Lyndsay you started at CTV Kitchener in 2013 and have recently announced that you are taking an opportunity at CTV Toronto. Congratulations!

LM: Thank you so much, it's a great opportunity I'm so excited to grow in my career. I'm going to be moving back to the GTA which is where I'm from, but I'm going to be honest with you, this has been very bittersweet.

I love Kitchener, it has become my home, the station has become family and the viewers have become my friends so it's tough to leave. I'm going to miss it so much.

SB: You've become such a familiar face to so many people in our community delivering the weather and being out in the community for so many years. What are some of your memorable moments?

LM: Oh my goodness, I've been so lucky in my career to do so many different things. I've strapped on roller blades, I've worn a mermaid tail in the pool and I've worked with firefighters. But I can remember my very first week there was a snow storm coming and I said, 'I need to get this forecast right, I need to make sure that I gain the trust of the viewers.' I didn't sleep a wink that night, but fortunately Mother Nature delivered: we had a snow day the next day, all was good.

So I've loved delivering the weather, I love sharing Weather Watcher photos, but some of my other standouts include things like helping launch CTV News at Five. That was so, so special just a couple of years ago. The teamwork involved in the Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Day Parade. Every March break, we've had kids come on the air to take part in Kid-Friendly Weather, so many memorable moments there that the community really responded well to.

But I think maybe my career highlight here, something that I'm so immensely proud of is our Toy Mountain campaign, which started so small and has grown into something that, again, I'm just so proud of. I'm honoured to play even just the smallest role in that campaign and it's in my heart, and I'm going to continue contributing to it even after I leave Kitchener.

SB: We are at the whim of weather, much like live TV, every day is different. Do you have any stories from behind the scenes or maybe stories from times that didn't make it to air?

LM: So many. There were a couple of green screen malfunctions that I think maybe our viewers might remember here and there. Most of the bloopers, believe it or not, happened in commercial breaks because I just work with the most terrific people here. We have so much fun, they have become my friends and my family as mentioned and I'm always going to remember those moments too.

Lyndsay and a goose
Lyndsay stands next to a goose that appeared on the green screen by accident during a commercial break.

But another standout that I think maybe some viewers will remember, because they always come up to me and say, 'Wow Lyndsay, you're really up for anything.' It didn't take long for the producers to learn that it's true, I kind of like learning new things on the air. So I've been able to do things like, go up in a hot air balloon, I got to go in an acrobatic airplane at the Waterloo Region International Airport, I've climbed up a frozen waterfall doing some ice climbing.

I have repelled down a building for Make-A-Wish Canada. That was so scary, it was on live TV, I was so nervous, Shannon, I can't tell you. And I even took part in a polar plunge in the middle of our noon newscast, so it's been an adventure and I've loved all of those moments. They are such standouts.

SB: You've gained a lot of loyal viewers over the years in your time here at CTV Kitchener. Is there anything you would like to say to them?

LM: There's so much that I would like to say. This community is incredible, I have loved getting to know the viewers. I appreciate every single email, every tweet,  every Instagram interaction, every Weather Watcher photo and to anybody who's come up to me when we've been live on location.

I see you, I hear you, I appreciate you. I'm so grateful for you welcoming me into your homes, making me feel like part of your family, especially when I came here not knowing anybody. And again, it's just making it so hard to leave. I hope that the feeling has been mutual and that I've maybe left you feeling good as well. I am going to miss you so much, but I'm just up the 401, I'm staying in the CTV family and I'm going to be seeing you around.

The other thing that I want to mention, viewers, you are in such good hands because we are so excited to share that Shannon is going to be your new weather broadcaster. I endorse you fully Shannon, I'm so thrilled for you and I happily pass over the weather clicker to you.

SB: Awesome, thank you so much Lyndsay. Big shoes to fill.