Concerned residents gathered in Drayton Tuesday night to show their opposition to a proposed wind farm in Mapleton Township, southwest of Arthur.

Dozens gathered outside the Drayton Arena, essentially taking over what was supposed to be a public information session on the development.

Residents, including many local farmers, are reportedly concerned about potential health issues for their families and farm animals.

Nextera Energy Canada is working to bring ten turbines, which will generate 22.9 megawatts of power, to the area.

The company says those concerns have not been scientifically proven, and this type of green energy will bring massive environmental benefits for Canada.

Nicole Geneau of Nextera Energy Canada says "We think there's a lot of discussion on both sides, and we can only answer in what we know, which is that we operate 9,000 wind turbines across North America and we've never had a proven claim related to health issues for any of our wind turbines."

But protestors say there are people who can show that they've been impacted by wind turbines.

Protestor John Krul says "They need to get their head out of the sand, because there are people that have actually moved out of these areas where there are these turbines, they've moved out of their house because they can't stand to live there."

Police and security were on hand to help handle the situation.