KITCHENER -- A homeless encampment in Kitchener is drawing a lot of attention on social media and according to those living there, if they are forced to leave they will have no place else to go.

The camp, which is set up on the corner of Weber and Victoria streets, is home to around 40 people.

The tent city near Kitchener’s downtown has been in place for several months.

According to those living there, the shelters are currently not taking anyone and they have no place else to go.

The group says they received an eviction notice at the beginning of this week as the camp is on private property.

“It kind of sucks, right, with everything that’s going on, now they’re trying to kick us out of here,” says Terry Kaan, who is living in the camp.

One advocate for the group says the encampment should be allowed to stay, calling the eviction unnecessary.

“It’s directly across the street from the methadone clinic and the soup kitchen of Kitchener, so it’s definitely where most of those people would be coming anyways,” says homeless advocate Julie Sawatzky.

According to the City of Kitchener, its bylaw staff has received numerous complaints about this property, and they have been in touch with the property owner.

The city says if eviction notices have been served, it would have been done by the property owner.

Sawatzky says the campers have been instructed to vacate the property by Wednesday.