When it comes to rules governing driveways, Guelph is a little stricter than some municipalities.

City bylaws prohibit many residential driveways from being wider than either the garage they lead to or 50 per cent of the front lawn – whichever is shorter.

The bylaw has been on the books since 1995. Some residents seem to have skirted it, widening their driveways slightly past the legal limit in order to park two vehicles side-by-side.

Coun. Dan Gibson says he’s heard a number of complaints recently about bylaw officers seemingly stepping up enforcement of the driveway regulations.

Gibson says he considers the current restriction “a bit punitive” and wants to see a “modest increase” to allow driveways to be wide enough for two vehicles to park beside each other.

“The reality of families has changed dramatically,” he says.

“Increasingly, dual-income households are becoming the norm in our suburban communities, and that is usually reflected in two cars per household.”

The issue is expected to go before councillors for the first time next month, with a final decision expected in September.