GUELPH -- The City of Guelph is launching a six-month pilot project that will see drivers able to pay for parking on Delhi Street using a mobile app.

On Monday, the city announced a partnership with Honk, a contactless parking payment provider.

Drivers who park on Delhi Street between Emma Street and Guelph General Hospital can utilize the app to pay for parking.

“The City is excited to work with Honk to provide drivers with a seamless mobile solution to on-street parking,” Jamie Zettle, program manager of parking, said in a release.

Eight HonkTAP smart stations, where residents can scan a QR code to pay, have been installed along the street.

Honk allows users to pay for and top up parking from their smartphone or computer. Drivers enter their licence plate number, which is automatically sent to bylaw officers as proof of payment, meaning no paper slips placed on dashboards are required.

If the pilot is well received, city staff say they're aiming to test Honk payment options in other areas of Guelph, including Westmount Road and the Macdonell Street parking lot.