The shelves at the Stratford Mission Depot are once again bare after the organization made a large donation of medical supplies to Ukraine.

On Monday morning, volunteers with the community group loaded up a moving truck with bandages, wound dressings, intravenous equipment, wheelchairs and other supplies. 

"Most of what has been sent out here has been from individuals in the community that have that have looked and asked: 'What do I have at home?'" said Jean Aitcheson, a 78-year-old retired nurse and organizer with the Stratford Mission Depot.

The depot, located in St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church and has been around for over 25 years, sends supplies across the world.

For this delivery they partnered with the Ukrainian Canadian Medical Association of Ontario Foundation.

"We received a call that the Stratford community has gathered a lot of supply medications, and literally, they just did not know how to get them to Ukraine," said Yuliia Omelianchuk, the foundation's president.

The UCMAO has collected around 40 tons of medical supplies ready to be sent to Poland. They will then travel directly to Ukrainian doctors and hospitals.

"We have developed pretty reliable logistics to deliver those medications right to Ukrainian hospitals," said Omelianchuk.

The UCMAO said they work directly with hospitals to fill specific needs, rather than send bulk shipments that can clog supply lines. 

Stratford Mission Depot ukraine

Most of the 40 tons collected by the UCMAO has come from the Toronto area, but Omelianchuk said they are looking for help from across the province.

"I had a feeling that small communities outside of the Greater Toronto Area want to help but they just didn’t know how to do that, so to see these people united and helping Ukraine it is so great, it’s inspiring," she said.

Community groups can also reach out to the UCMAO to help deliver their supplies.

The supplies are currently sitting in a warehouse in Mississauga, and the UCMAO needs to raise another $25,000 to pay for a specialized cargo flight.

The organization is taking donations to finance the shipment.

The Stratford Mission Depot said they are still collecting medical supplies and hope to continue to support hospitals in Ukraine.