After a daring first flight from the CTV Kitchener microwave tower on Tuesday morning, Mercury has been reluctant to come back to the nest.

The young peregrine falcon flew a couple times around Grand River Hospital before making an emergency landing on Pine Street.

He was brought into the CTV studio for inspection, and was deemed okay.

Members of the Canadian Peregrine Foundation brought him to the roof of an adjacent building for another attempt.

After some reluctance, Mercury flew again around 9:15 p.m., but then sat perched on a power line for over twelve hours.

His next flight was around 9:50 a.m., when the dedicated team of falcon watchers lost track of him, before another sighting showed him back on a nearby apartment building.

Watchers are concerned that he may not have had food in some time, and could possibly be lacking the energy to fly back to his nest.

Mercury’s siblings have not taken to the skies yet, but members from the Canadian Peregrine Foundation have predicted that they will begin their flights soon.

You can watch the falcons live 24/7 on the CTV Falcon Cam.