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Expanded services offered at region’s new COVID, Cold and Flu Care Clinic


The Regional COVID Care Clinic operated by Grand River Hospital is opening its doors at a new location and has expanded its services to help combat additional respiratory diseases.

On Thursday, the clinic’s name changed to the Regional COVID, Cold, and Flu Care Clinic (CCFCC). The clinic also moved from 66 Pinebush Road in Cambridge to 50 Sportsworld Drive in Kitchener’s south end.

“With the recent influx of influenza and RSV and other conditions in our community, we are now being able to see people with cold, cough and flu symptoms as well as COVID in our clinic,” said Vickie Murray, director of the Regional CCFCC.

Grand River Hospital said the new name reflects the expanded services offered by the clinic.

Despite the name and location change, the clinic still offers COVID-19 services.

“For us, nothing has changed for COVID. We are still seeing COVID patients for testing when eligible and for assessment and treatment when eligible,” said Murray.

Murray added: “We're adding extra staff, extra hours and we're adding extra capacity to be able to expand and meet the needs of our community.”

  • The clinic will offer up to 400 visits per week to support community members who:
  • Have moderate or worsening COVID-19, cold, or influenza-like symptoms who cannot manage safely at home; or
  • Have symptoms and are at higher risk of severe disease, who may need COVID-19 testing and/or treatments; or
  • Have COVID-19, cold, or influenza-like symptoms and do not have a regular primary care clinician; or
  • Are otherwise eligible for COVID-19 PCR testing (ie. health care workers).
  • Those with severe symptoms should continue to seek care at their nearest emergency department, or by calling 911.

“There are other conditions in our community right now that are causing a lot of stresses and strain on our healthcare system,” said Murray.

Despite the positive reinforcement for the local healthcare system, the hope is that the services will provide a safety net that does not need to be used.

“The long-term vision in terms of what our community needs for COVID care is still a big question mark. And I think we would all love to see a need for this completely disappear,” said Murray.

Bonnie Camm, executive vice-president of clinical services at Grand River Hospital said the expanded support can support more community-based care.

“Expanding the services we offer to include cold, and flu symptoms allows us to support more community-based care,” said Camm in a news release on Wednesday. Top Stories

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