NEW HAMBURG - Crews are gearing up for a special beautification project in the heart of New Hamburg.

The depaving project is beginning at the corner of Huron and Peel Streets in just over a week.

The stones and concrete surrounding the iconic fountain there will be removed with the goal of making the downtown area more attractive to tourists by making it more green.

Trees and green space will replace the concrete and stone fixtures there now.

The New Hamburg Board of Trade is helping to put on the initiative. It's putting a call out for volunteers to help when work begins on Oct. 19.

"It is really about tearing up the concrete blocks, making sure the area is good to start working in and really doing our planting," explains Gina Ruttan, president of the Board Of Trade.

"It's a 10 a.m. start, if you could bring some work gloves and shovels, anything you can think of, come down."

The project is expected to cost about $25,000, but most of that money has been given in grants from local organizations.