Dorothy McCabe has come out on top among four contenders vying for outgoing Waterloo mayor Dave Jaworsky’s vacant seat.

McCabe received 9,543 votes, just 331 votes ahead of Shannon Weber who finished less than two percentage point behind.

Typically working in the background of municipal politics, McCabe is a government relations specialist.

She previously ran as a Liberal candidate in the 2018 provincial election where she finished third.

Speaking after her victory, McCabe said it was her vision for the moving the city forward that won over voters.

“I think it’s about the future. It’s about setting a strategic vision," McCabe said." A city like Waterloo that’s progressive, that’s full of really smart and caring people, that’s what they wanted. Waterloo has done some really great things in the past, and we need to do some really great things going forward, and I think that’s what really resonated with people."

The three biggest issues McCabe outlined in her platform were creating an affordable city, harnessing Waterloo’s potential as a “big city” and creating a greener more sustainable city.

Jaworsky announced he would not seek a third term as mayor in February.


The four incumbents running in the City of Waterloo municipal election have retained their seats, while three new faces will be joining council.

Ward 3 councillor Angela Vieth did not run and has been replaced with Hans Roach who narrowly secured a victory with 1,404 votes compared to candidate Madely Steiss who received 1,126 votes.

Ward 6 councillor Jeff henry did not seek re-election and has been replaced by Mary Lou Roe who edged out the competition to win with 896 votes. The runner-up, Matthew Nicholas Schwarze, received 799 votes.

Ward 7 councillor Tenille Bonoguore, who also did not run, has been replaced by Julie Wright who easily defeated the competition with 3,041 votes compared to the runner-up Bruce Polan who received 730 votes.


Ward 1 councillor Sandra Hanmer, Ward 2 councillor Royce Bodaly, Ward 4 councillor Diane Freeman and Ward 5 councillor Jen Vasic were all re-elected on Monday night.

Hanmer narrowly held onto the councillor position with 1,675 votes compared to runner-up Robert Parents who received 1,262 votes.

Bodaly was the runaway winner in Ward 2 with 1,568 votes compared to runner-up Khaled Berbash who had 703 votes.

Ward 4 was also a runway victory, as Freeman received 2,647 votes compared to runner-up Maryssa Bassas who collected 300 votes.

Vasic easily secured another term as a councillor with 2,194 votes with the runner-up receiving 834 votes.