KITCHENER -- A pop up clinic in Kitchener is hoping to vaccinate over 400 people living with disabilities and their caregivers over the course of a weekend.

The KW Habilitation Pop Up Clinic opened on Saturday, giving people like Steven Craven their first vaccination, and getting him one step closer to hugging his mom again.

Charlotte Craven recalls the last time they were able to embrace was back in September.

“We can’t touch him, we can’t see him, only on the deck,” she said. “It’s very hard.

“When I heard they were doing this I was like ‘oh thank God.’ It’s just so much easier here.”

Over 400 people living with disabilities and their caregivers have made appointments at site on Ottawa Street South.

“Because of his needs it’s very difficult to take him somewhere to get it done,” said Charlotte. “It would’ve been more stress.”

The site is specifically set up with accessibility and privacy in mind as Satish Mistry, a pharmacist at Westmount Place Pharmacy, and four others work to administer the vaccine.

“We know the medication they’re dealing with, their medical conditions, and how to deal with them if they’ve having any type of anxiety or fear of the vaccine,” the volunteer said.

Care provider Michelle Ennis says she is grateful she and the others were able to get the shot, since many are immunocompromised or work for someone who is.

“Great knowing that I’ve got a layer of protection and she’s got a layer of protection,” she said.

KW Habilitation is working with Community Living Cambridge, Sunbeam Development Services, and public health to set up more pop ups over the next week.

“This is one more step to safety,” said Ann Bilodeau, the executive director of KW Habilitation. “It will allow for the herd immunity to happen in our sector very quickly.”

The group’s goal is to get 2,500 people vaccinated by next Saturday, with second doses set to be administered in four months at a future pop up clinic.