The Christkindl Market in downtown Kitchener holds special meaning for Derek LeRoux and Jeanette Heyblom.

“This was the first event we went to where we weren’t on a date, we were a couple,” says Heyblom.

It was also the place where they took their first picture together in 2017.

On Saturday, almost a year to the day of that first trip, LeRoux came with a plan.

“We’ve been talking about marriage for awhile. I put this in motion and I got the ring about a week and a half ago. I’ve been so carefully trying to hide it, it wasn’t easy.”

In front of a crowd of revelers and Heyblom’s two daughters, LeRoux got down on one knee and proposed.

“The crowd absolutely loved it,” says Monica Reid, the president of the Christkindl Market. “The audience was cheering them on and we were all so happy. We were all teary because it was a very special moment.”

Heyblom says she had no idea what her now-fiancé had planned.

“I didn’t know why you were so rushed to get here!” she says laughing.

LeRoux admits he was nervous but knew things would work out in the end.

“I did have a Plan B.”

LeRoux, who is from Stratford, and Heyblom, who is from London, say that while they enjoyed the public proposal their wedding will be a private affair.