A man and woman have been living in their van for over three years.

Sandra Graham, 57, was involved in a cycling crash that left her unable to work.

After a lengthy dispute with an insurance company, Graham said she received about $1,100 per month.

She and common-law husband Jerry Power, 58, were evicted from their apartment in the meantime, and were since unable to secure affordable housing on that income.

 “I’m willing to pay something, I’m not looking for a handout,” said Graham.

Since the couple first spoke to CTV, the community has rallied around the pair, with offers of money, gift cards and help with rent.

One man even put the couple up in a hotel for Thanksgiving, and gave them enough money for a meal.

“We made a choice, either go to the Rockton Fair this weekend, or help out a Canadian that needs a hand,” said Doug Laking.

CTV received several other emails and phone calls from people looking to help, which were forwarded onto the couple.

Ontario Works may have secured them an apartment since their initial plea for help, the couple said.

That tenancy is scheduled to begin in November.