GUELPH -- Mary Hughes says it’s a miracle her friend Christine walked out of her home alive after an explosion tore it apart.

“She had glasses in her hair and some scratches and whatever,” she said. “But literally unscathed. Quite shaken but unscathed.”

The couple whose Guelph house was destroyed in an explosion Friday afternoon are now staying with friends.

“The way she described it sounded like a jet engine blew off and there was a terrible shake in the house,” said Hughes. “But everything can be replaced. Lives can’t be, but things can be bought, things can be fixed that way.”

On Saturday, Hughes said complete strangers have already begun donating items to help her friend get back on her feet.

“People have gone out to a store like Walmart, bough brand new clothing, and dropped it off,” she said. “People show up with gym bags full of clothes, containers, cash and gift certificates.”

Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie says he’s not surprised the community is coming together in a time of need.

“Seeing the outpouring of concern and love for those people from the community made me really proud,” he said.

Guthrie adds that he’s proud of how quickly staff and emergency workers responded to the explosion and that he’s thankful no one was hurt.