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'Celebrating fandom': TriCon returns to Kitchener for weekend


It was a cosplayer's paradise once again at THEMUSEUM over the weekend.

TriCon returned to Kitchener for the second year of everything comics, movies, and pop culture.

"We had about 500 Saturday so we're hopeful to have another 500 today," said Katelynn Dietrich of THEMUSEUM. "There's about 38 different vendors, we have about six cosplayer groups here, and we have about 10 different comic book artists.

"I think it has been a really positive atmosphere. There are lots of obviously big fans here, and it's great to see they're celebrating fandom."

The two-day event featured cosplay contests, Jedi training, and a Saturday Q & A with stars from the show Degrassi.

"You get not only all the cosplayers, but you get to see them interact with the fun exhibitions that are around," one attendee dressed as Xie Lian.

While some costumes take months and thousands of dollars to complete, others don't require a breaking of the bank.

"It's a really good first introduction to the industry of cosplay and fandom," another attendee said. Top Stories

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