Police are warning the public about prescription pills that look like OxyContin and have been linked to two recent overdoses.

The overdoses occurred in Kitchener and Cambridge. Neither of them were fatal.

In both cases, the victims were found to have taken pills that looked like OxyContin – a painkiller that was discontinued in 2012 because of concerns about its abuse – but were not actually OxyContin.

The pills have been sent for testing.

In other parts of Canada, Waterloo Regional Police say, similar pills have been found to contain the extremely potent painkiller known as fentanyl.

Police say there is no way to tell whether a particular pill contains fentanyl, and even a small amount of fentanyl can be enough to kill a person.

The pills believed to be responsible for the two overdoses in Waterloo Region can be identified by the imprints of ‘CDN’ on one side and ‘80’ on the other side.