Thursday night’s Toronto Raptors game starts at 9 p.m., and there’s at least one fan who may not be able to stay up until the end.

Cambridge parents L’Shai Pearson and Jama Tulloch named their newborn baby boy Kawhi, after the NBA all-star Kawhi Leonard.

Tulloch says he had it planned all along since he fell in love with Leonard’s gameplay when he played with the San Antonio Spurs.

“I literally had Kawhi and my name, and she didn’t want my name,” Tulloch explains.

When Leonard came to the Raptors, that was a bonus.

The boy’s parents hope that their son will be able to see Leonard’s success and become just as successful as his namesake.

Earlier this week, the CTV Kitchener peregrine falcon was also named Kawhi after the superstar, becoming the region's newest raptor.