You may think of arm wrestling as a fun competition or friendly wager to do with your friends.

But some people are taking the sport to the next level.

“The KW Arm and Grip Club is arm wrestling and grip strength training,” said member Jake Rohrbacher. “We compete in tournaments a few times a year.”

Members of the local arm wrestling club are locking hands and practicing their technique ahead of the Toronto Pro Super Show from June 1 to June 2.

Some of the best arm wrestlers in Canada will be in attendance.

“With amateurs and novice on Saturday and the professional class running on Sunday,” Rohrbacher says.

Arm wrestlers compete in different weight classes. Safety is of the utmost importance, but injuries can happen.

“(You can) break your arms, like a hyper-extended elbow,” said Rohrbacher. “The match will be stopped when the ref sees that position coming.”

Steve Noonan started arm wrestling ten years ago and has seen the sport grow in Waterloo Region. Some members come from as far as Tillsonburg and Hamilton to practice.

“It just gives me a reason to be in better shape,” said Noonan. “It’s something to do physically.”