Adam Sandler is causing quite the stir in the Royal City, with several people in Guelph, Ont., catching a glimpse of the funny man over the weekend.

The movie star is in the area for a few days filming and producing his newest Netflix project You Are SO Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah!

The staff at Milestones Restaurant in Guelph were star struck when Sandler came in for a bite to eat on Sunday night.

“She [a Milestone's worker] came running to the back, with a red face and shaking, she just kind of looked at me and went 'Don’t freak out, Adam Sandler is here, Adam Sandler is here, nobody say anything, just have a normal time with this,'" said Brad Clarke, manager at Milestones Guelph. "I was like 'Okay, let me actually see if this is real.'"

Clarke is among many business owners and locals who said Sandler was a pleasure to meet and one of the nicest celebrities they have ever met.

“It was life-changing. He was honestly one of the nicest celebrities I have ever met, let alone a normal person,” said Grace Van Hemmen, Milestones Guelph Server.

Staff at the restaurant said they worked to treat Sandler like any other customer, except for when they tried to take a selfie.

“He was just an absolute beautiful gentleman,” said Clarke.

“Thank you so much Adam for choosing us, and I am glad he enjoyed his meals here as well,” said Clarke.

Staff said they are over the moon he dined at their restaurant Sunday night, and was even happier he decided to return for dinner the next night.

Others made their way to Elora, Ont., where some waited for hours to catch a glimpse of Sandler heading to set.

One fan told CTV News: “I never thought he’d be in Guelph, let alone filming like 30 minutes from here.”

Another fan said he was downtown near city hall when a big black SUVs window rolled down and Sandler was inside, asking him where the best steakhouse in town is.

After waiting two hours to meet the actor, Guelph resident Brandon Bott had the chance to interact with Sandler.

“I saw him go by on a go-kart, which was pretty cool, and it was super awesome because he came back just to say hi to us all,” said Bott. “It had to be super quick obviously, but he’s just such a friendly guy, and for not having to do something like that, it’s just awesome that he was willing to stop by and say hi to all the fans.”

Crews pack up at the Elora Quarry after wrapping up filming on Tuesday.

The film is slated to wrap up in mid-August.