KITCHENER -- A senior dog found abandoned in a plastic bag on the side of the road this summer has found her happily ever after.

With a clean bill of health and a successful adoption campaign, Mildred has moved into her forever home.

Dorothy Bradshaw met Mildred just over a week ago and said they've already made a connection.

Mildred and Dorothy

"She's attached to me like glue this past week," Bradshaw said.

Bradshaw, who lives in London, adopted the 12-year-old pug from the Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo and Stratford Perth and wants to give the dog a perfect "retirement home."

"I just thought she deserved to have comfort and safety for whatever is left of her life," Bradshaw said. "I knew I could give that to her."

Mildred, who has gained the nickname "Milly," was found in "very poor condition" near Listowel on July 30. The vets at the humane society performed several tests and found many health concerns, including chronic vaginal prolapse, multiple mammary tumours, dental disease, arthritis and severely overgrown toenails.

She was spayed and had a number of tumours removed, and is in good health now that she's moved into Bradshaw's home.

"I thought it was really sad and she was just adorable," Bradshaw said.

Mildred the dog in a backyard

The humane society launched a campaign called "Mildred Needs Your Help" to help fund Mildred's recovery. It tripled its initial goal of $5,000, with all remaining funds going towards other animals needing treatment.

Mildred went up for adoption on Oct. 1.

"We got nine applicants," said Linzi Bahat with the Humane Society. "Even after she was taken down from the website, we also got inquiries."

Bahat said they picked Bradshaw to be Milly's new mom because she seemed like the perfect fit.

"Based on her experience with elderly pets," Bahat said. "She had elderly pets in the past, just knowing she can give all the love."

Bradshaw said she's happy with her decision to bring Milly home.

Mildred in bed

"I have a quiet house, low-key kind of lifestyle, which is good for a senior," she said.

Since taking Mildred in, there have been plenty of walks and snuggles.

"Overall, she's doing really, really good," Bradshaw said. "She's sleeping, eating, walking really well, getting a little bit playful, so it's been fun."

Bradshaw said she's happy to be able to give Milly a loving and healthy home for the rest of her life.