Police in Brantford say a three-day spree of pellet gun shootings resulted in more than $10,000 worth of damage to local homes, businesses and vehicles.

The incidents happened earlier this week, but with the bulk occurring on Christmas Eve. Police say the 90 known shootings appear to be random, happening at various times and at locations across the city.

“Not one part of the city was spared,” says Det. Michael Sciberras.

Police say they believe the pellets are being fired from inside a vehicle.

One of the pellets shattered the front door of Wayne and Shirley Howarth.

“My son came home and said ‘There’s a hole, somebody shot at the window,’” says Wayne.

Vandalism in the Howarths’ neighbourhood is nothing new to the couple, who have lived in the city for more than 40 years, but not on their property and not so destructive.

“It’s a busy street, so either they’re breaking the sign or throwing beer bottles on the lawn,” says Wayne.

“It is scary, especially when you think about the small children that could be around,” says Shirley.

Chad Kirby’s car was hit by another pellet while it was parked on the street. His girlfriend discovered the aftermath.

“She came outside, backed out of the driveway and noticed that there was glass everywhere,” says Kirby.

“I’m not sure how easily that’s going to be fixed.”