It’s been exactly six months since Isaiah Macnab was shot and killed on King Street East in Kitchener.

At the time, two men were seen speeding away in a white Mercedes sedan with a stolen license plate. Police pursued the vehicle, but lost track of it when it got off Highway 401 at Trafalgar Road in Mississauga.

Now, Kelly Macnab is making a public plea for justice for her son.

She says she can’t help but think about the moment she saw something on her phone about a shooting and knew something was wrong.

“It said that it was at the halfway house on the property. Someone was lying on the picnic table in the picture and from that moment I knew it was my son,” she recalls. “I got down on my knees and started screaming and praying to God, saying, ‘Please don’t let this be my son, please don’t let this be my son.’”

She says about an hour later, police came to her door to tell her what happened.

Witnesses told CTV at the time that Isaiah Macnab was sitting at a picnic table outside of a Kitchener halfway house.

His mother says he had been in prison at Collins Bay Federal Prison in Kingston for an aggravated assault. He was serving a two-year sentence, but was released after eight months on good behaviour. It was his only fence.

Isaiah Macnab was outside the halfway house where he was staying on day parole when another man walked up to him and shot him multiple times.

All along, police have said that two people are responsible: one person who stayed in the getaway vehicle, and the person who pulled the trigger.

The latter is described as a black male who was wearing a dark hoodie, dark pants and a baseball hat.

“We don’t want Waterloo Region to turn into what’s happened in Toronto, and so the best thing that anyone can do is speak up right now,” Macnab says. “Let’s kind of show them that you can’t get away with it here.”

She is speaking out against gun violence, hoping that someone will come forward with information about her son’s death.