KITCHENER -- A Simcoe, Ont., woman said she's facing an $880 fine for violating the province's lockdown measures.

Natasha Kohl said police stopped her after she had dropped her kids off at their grandparents' house in order to do some grocery shopping.

Kohl believes the incident stemmed from a neighbour complaint.

"I had to stop working to stay home with my kids," Kohl said. "So, an $880 ticket is quite expensive when I'm not working."

The mother of four says she dropped three of her kids off at their grandparents' Delhi home last weekend because she didn't want to bring them to the store. Kohl said her fiancé wasn't available to care for the children.

"He wasn't able to help me and it was actually my birthday, so I wanted to get home so I could spend the night with him and my kids, so I took them to my father-in-law," Kohl said.

Kohl said her brother-in-law, his fiancée and their kids also live at the house.

"When I came back to get my kids, they were having lunch with their uncle and their cousins, so I was in the house with them as they were eating their pizza," Kohl said.

When they left, Kohl said she was pulled over by police.

"All the [police officer] said was they had a neighbour complain about a lot of traffic at the house and a possible party," Kohl said. "They had seen me leave, so they pulled me over to see if I lived at that address.”

Provincial police declined to comment to CTV News Kitchener, but in a news release said that two people were charged for failing to comply with the Reopening Ontario Act.

"They advised me they were going to my father-in-law's to speak to him about the complaint as well," Kohl said.

Kohl was fined before the stay-at-home order went into effect and the mother plans to fight the ticket.

Kohl said she had never even received a warning from police.