The province is providing millions of dollars to tackle gun and gang violence in Toronto.

The funding, about $3 million, will cover the cost of installing security cameras across the city.

Waterloo Region's police chief is applauding the move, but says money should also be spent on other cities seeing the same increase in violence.

"What I'm asking for is an equitable distribution of monies that would actually advance security, public safety and crime prevention in our community," Chief Bryan Larkin says.

Waterloo Region has seen more shootings so far this year than ever before, with 16 since the start of the year.

Three of those have been fatal.

The province announced funding changes to policing back in May. Those changes led to shortfalls within local forces.

Larkin says that the WRPS has applied for new grants but so far hasn't heard back.

"I'm not sure where we land, but regardless of where we land we're starting the year off $1.4 million shorter than we were last year. And I have to make that up from within our current budget," he says.

Premier Doug Ford, meanwhile, at the Toronto announcement said that there is a provincial plan in place. But so far, there are few details.

"We've launched a province-wide strategy to end gun violence and dismantle gangs once and for all," he said.

When asked for comment, the province says it announced a $16 million strategy earlier this year. It didn't say anything specific about Waterloo Region.