GUELPH -- A pig out in Guelph is taking social media by storm.

Frankie is a five-year-old American potbelly pig who lives in an apartment with his family Laura Broadly, Tim Crawford, and their dog Tucker.

“It’s very, very cozy, we don’t have a lot of space, so it’s shared space,” said Crawford. “Frankie is just like our dog, who is very, very affectionate. He likes to be up on the couch.”

The couple adopted Frankie when he was just a baby and they were living in Toronto. Due to bylaws in that city, they had to move to an area that allows pigs as pets, which brought them to Guelph three years ago.

They have been documenting their journey with Frankie to help people understand what life is like with a pig.

“They are like having a toddler,” said Broadly. “They say they have the intelligence of a three or four-year-old toddler.

Despite the Instagram name “Frankie Micro Pig”, his family wants people to know that if you adopt a baby pig that they will get big.

“The number one things is there’s no such things as a micro pig,” said Crawford. “You’re not going to see a pig that stays 25 pounds for their whole life.

Frankie’s family and veterinarian both say that, for those thinking of bring a pig into the mix, that it’s important to do research and know it’s a serious commitment.

“I really suggest connecting with someone who knows the breed and who can tell you what it’s honestly like,” said veterinarian David Kirkham of Cheltenham Veterinary Centre. “They are not pets you’re going to have for a year, these guys can go well into their teens.”

He adds that his facility currently sees almost 120 clients from across Southern Ontario who have pigs as pets.

Broadly and Crawford say that having Frankie to come home to has been a bright light in their lives.

They hope to one day buy a home with a yard for Frankie and Tucker as well as open an animal sanctuary.