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Outreach workers race to get winter supplies to people in need

After putting out an urgent call for supplies last week, outreach groups say the community has come through with donations.

But while they’re grateful for everyone who has contributed so far, they say more is still needed – particularly as an increasing number of people find themselves homeless for the first time.

“We are getting supplies, but we still need a lot more, we really do,” Unsheltered Campaign organizer Regan Brusse said.

Last week, Brusse warned if people living outdoors didn’t get necessary supplies soon, it could be fatal.

Heidi, who CTV Kitchener viewers met last week, was in need of a new tent, a winter coat and boots.

Brusse says the first two items have come through, but she’s still looking for a pair of women’s size 12 boots.


Despite the increase in donations, outreach workers say much more is still needed.

Majorie Knight works with Cambridge families to intervene before they find themselves on the street, but says it’s getting harder.

“I get phone calls, often from people who are terrified. They have nowhere to go, I don't have anywhere to put them,” she said.

“What is happening now is that there are people who have never had to sleep rough who are finding themselves in a position where that's where they are.”

Knight says more long-term solutions are needed in Cambridge.

“We need a proper sanctioned encampment in Cambridge for our Cambridge people because they’re our people, they’re our citizens. They’re our cousins or brothers or fathers or mothers or sisters.”

For now, Knight and Brusee say winter supplies are needed to keep people alive.

“If there’s one thing you can do this year, it’s to buy something to help someone who’s unsheltered," Knight said. "Because it is really very desperately needed today.”


The following organizations are accepting donations of winter supplies like tents, boots and coats: Top Stories


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