Ontario ginseng producers are getting a helping hand from the federal government.

The government is giving $420,000 to the Ontario Ginseng Growers’ Association. The money is earmarked for helping producers boost the visibility of their product in Asia and other markets where demand for the crop is increasing.

“Ginseng farmers have made ginseng an incredible success story for the region and our government is committed to helping them grow, because they are supporting farm families and our vibrant rural communities,” Cambridge MP Bryan May said in a news release.

May announced the funding at an event in Scotland, Ont.

Ginseng is a crop which has been increasing in popularity in southern Ontario in recent years, particularly in the Oxford-Brant and Norfolk-Haldimand areas.

The herb is used for medicinal purposes in some Asian cultures. As a result, demand for it is highest in Asia and other places with large Asian populations.

Other uses for ginseng include as an ingredient in soups, teas and cosmetic products.

Canada exported nearly $240 million worth of ginseng in 2016.