A special exhibition opened in Guelph Thursday night featuring the work of 13 local artists.

The show, at the Boarding House Gallery, is the part of the Guelph Emerging Artists Mentorship Project, which pairs artisans with mentors who can help them hone their craft and navigate the industry.

“There’s not many beginning programs for emerging artists and a lot of times you kind of stumble your way through,” said Katherine Percival, the manager of programming and operations for the Guelph Arts Council. “Being able to partner someone and have a mentor is a really rare and beautiful opportunity because that’s not found very often. It’s really cool that the Guelph Arts Council does that.”

The mentorship program launched five years ago and since that time, 61 artists have been paired with established mentors.

The exhibition, titled ‘Last Call’, showcases the culmination of months of hard work and runs until Dec. 17.