KITCHENER -- Protesters in Caledonia received a boost from an NDP MP this week.

Hamilton Centre MP Matthew Green has pledged more than $1,000 to the protesters at the McKenzie Meadows development site, which has been dubbed 1492 Land Back Lane.

The donation is Green's latest show of support.

The funding is supported by protesters, but has been met with disappointment from the mayor.

Green criticized the court injunction that ordered protesters to leave the disputed development site.

"At the end of the day, what I am striving for, particularly with this fundraising effort, is to provide First Nations land defenders with equal footing in a legal system that is disproportionately stacked against them," Green said.

"It's a huge life for us to see some of the these politicians to use the podium that they have to be able to life the voices of people in our community to affect some real change," protester Skyler Williams said.

Haldimand County Mayor Ken Hewitt said the protest is a polarizing issue and said the move by Green was the wrong move.

"I support many of our First Nations people and I support the agenda," he said. "I don't support that particular agenda. I think there's a clear line that's been crossed and I think as a leader he should be able to make the distinction."

Hewitt said he agrees with Green on the role of the federal government in the dispute.

"There is a responsibility on the federal government to engage and put forward a process that can help facilitate these issues," Hewitt said.

Williams said the money will be used for a legal fund to support protesters facing criminal charges.