GUELPH -- Jan. 27 update: Humane society says there were 105, not 80, cats inside Guelph home

The Guelph Humane Society says it needs the community's support after it took in 80 cats from an apartment on Huron Street on Wednesday.

Cats from the residence were brought in waves so that the humane society could manage the influx.

A neighbour tells CTV that she had been complaining about the smell of ammonia since she moved in. The cats, she believes, were the reason why.

The landlord of the building, who didn't want to be named, says that a woman lived in the apartment for about four years. He thought she had six cats in her two-bedroom apartment, and says he was shocked when he found out that number was actually 80.

He understands the smell and health concerns for other residents, telling CTV that he'll be renovating the unit completely starting this week.

Some doors and walls were damaged by cats, he says. The renovation work, he estimates, will cost about $20,000.

The man tells CTV that the woman was actually evicted because she poured copious amounts of cat litter down the drain, causing thousands of dollars-worth of damage to the plumbing.

When she left on Tuesday, the landlord says the cats were discovered.

The humane society says the care for the cats will cost them at least $20,000, and are asking for the community's help to cover them.

Staff at the GHS then did wellness checks, gave vaccinations and assessed medical needs of each of the cats, which they said would take the whole day.

The humane society says it is "excited to be able to provide this care to these cats."