ST. JACOBS -- With the potential for record-setting rainfall over the weekend, experts are reminding homeowners to take preventative measures to keep their homes dry.

Environment Canada warns that Waterloo Region could see as much as 40 mm of rain over the course of Friday and Saturday.

That rain could come down in sheets on the latter, with the possibility of freezing rain mixed in.

To keep your home dry, waterproofing experts recommend keeping water away from your house first.

"You've really got to do a perimeter check, again, I can't stress that enough that you be aware of where the water is running when it's raining," says Todd Martin with The Crack Specialists.

"So what does that mean? Yeah, you have to go outside when it's raining with an umbrella to walk around the perimeter of your house because a lot of times it's two or three subtle things that add up to a problem and it's hard to visualize those little subtleties unless you actually witness them."

Clearing the eavestroughs to collect rainwater and putting on downspout extensions will help keep water further away from your home, rather than having it pool near your foundation.

Experts say you can check with your neighbours to make sure drainage slopes are clear so that excess water can drain onto the street.

If water does get into your home, you'll want to make sure you have a working sump pump.

The sump pump collects water in a pit and sends it back outside.