A Toronto doctor is now the proud owner of a flight suit, once worn by one of Canada’s most famous astronauts, Chris Hadfield.

Dr. Julielynn Wong said when she first found the suit; she thought it was a detailed replica.

“I was just looking for a slice of pizza actually, in downtown Toronto, and I happened to wander by a vintage store and I thought this looks really interesting, I think I'll check it out,” said Wong.

“I asked the salesgirl how much did it cost, and she said it was 50 per cent off down to $40 -- I said okay I'll get it,” she said.

One of the most amazing parts of this priceless find? Wong has met Hadfield in her work studying space medicine.

“I'm not sure how this happens but the universe, probably you know, conspires to make these wonderful connections happen,” said Wong.

She contacted him and asked about some of the details, like the patch on the arm of the suit.

“He asked me what the Velcro looked like underneath it - and if you look here the Velcro is not the same as the mission patch, it's more rectangular,” said Wong.

“We both think actually that it's probably the same flight suit that he's wearing on the back of his book here, because the badges are worn out in a similar way.”

No one is sure how the suit ended up in the store.