The new Kitchener GO train schedule has left some riders wanting more.

Earlier this week GO added 25 per cent more rail service to the Kitchener station, but this came at the expense of the evening express trip.

A major signal problem west of Acton contributed to some of the delays.

In a statement, Metrolinx says that a period of adjustment is to be expected with schedule changes.

“Customers should check schedule for options. We’re listening and monitoring all feedback. Extra staff are on hand to assist with passenger flow,” said Amanda Ferguson, a spokesperson for the company.

Some riders say that the delays are nothing new.

“To say extremely disappointed is an understatement, all the trains right now coming between Kitchener and Toronto, nowadays, are over two hours long and I find that kind of unacceptable,” said Alex Kuechler, a GO train rider.

The new service has meant the loss of at least one evening express trip, which skipped several stops along the way to Kitchener.

Waterloo MPP Catherine Fife is calling on the province to bring back the express train.

“At the end of the workday is compromising the quality of their lives and those trains are packed as well so we are hearing that the promise that was made is actually not been delivered,” said Fife.

The Ministry of Transportation says they are listening to public feedback and are working on ways to improve service.

There is still no clear time-line for when 2-way, all-day GO service will be available.

An announcement is expected to be made in the next 12 to 18 months.