The legal case for evicting residents at the Victoria Street and Weber Street encampment in Kitchener has begun.

Representatives for the Region of Waterloo, along with Waterloo Region Community Legal Services who is representing ten residents at the encampment, were in court Wednesday morning, where the judge set the process and procedures in place for the eviction application.

The date for arguing the application was set for Nov. 7 and 8, even though the region had previously said construction for the new transit hub at the site was scheduled for the fall.

“I don’t have to rush to pack up everything,” said James Davis, an encampment resident. “It'd be nice to not have to pack up right away and move.”

Davis said he has worked really hard on his deck, and he would like some more time to enjoy it.

Sarah Escobar, an advocate for those living rough, sat in court as an ally.

She said while the fall court date gives those facing homelessness more time to find a new place, but it’s still not enough time.

“I’m not content that we're in a situation where our regional government is spending an unknown amount of money in court proceedings and legal proceedings when housing options are not being thought of,” said Escobar.

The court is asking interveners or people wanting to participate in the process to submit their applications to the court by Aug. 31.

Last week, the region filed an eviction notice order through the courts and asked the judge to approve the removal of the residents and their belongings from the encampment.

The region initially told people living at the location that they had to be out by June 30.

The site the encampment sits on is slated for redevelopment as part of the new transit hub.

Construction was set to begin in the fall.

“We're stuck here and we don’t have anywhere else to go. You think we choose to live in a tent?” said Steven Tayor, who lives at the encampment.