THEMUSEUM in downtown Kitchener is hoping to expand and could be in line for help from the city of Kitchener.

City staff is recommending a proposal to front the Museum $3 million to buy the neighbouring BMO building on the corner of King Street and Queen Street in Kitchener.

THEMUSEUM has plans to use the space to add new programing and more teaching space.

If approved, THEMUSEUM says they will knock down the old bank and create something new.

“Ultimately we’ll come out with a plan to raze that building, take it down, connect it to our building, and bring something really cool architecturally to the concern of King and Queen Street,” said David Marksell, CEO of THEMUSEUM.

If the city buys the property THEMUSEUM will have ten years fundraise the money for their expansion plan.

According to the recommendation, the plan would also allow the city to use the property for an ‘interim strategic purpose’ until THEMUSEUM is ready.

Kitchener city council will decide March 9 if they want to go ahead with the $3 million loan.