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Another beauty product theft in Guelph

An undated photo of the Guelph police logo. (CTV News) An undated photo of the Guelph police logo. (CTV News)

Guelph police are investigating another makeup and beauty product theft in the city.

Police were told that a man and woman went into a Clair Road store around 7:30 p.m.Tuesday.

They allegedly put 24 bottles of Lancome skincare and Nar's makeup in a bag, with an approximate value of $1,800, and left without trying to pay.

The man is described as having a thin build, approximately six feet tall, around 20 years old, black hair, stubble beard, brown eyes, neck tattoos, wearing black shorts, black zip-up hoodie with green stripes, white shirt, and a brown hat.

The woman is described as 5'6”-5'8”, thin build, blonde hair with black roots, wearing a black sweater, black pants, and black shoes with 3 white stripes on the shoes.

Guelph police are also investigating $2,100 worth of Chanel perfume being stolen, $2,800 of Chanel lipstick being taken, and a break-in theft of fragrances, cosmetics and electronic devices. Top Stories

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