A local teenager says she’s afraid for her life after an altercation with a fellow student.

The teen, who this article will refer to as Sarah, does not want her identity disclosed. She is a student at a Waterloo Region high school, as is the other student involved, who this article will refer to as Ashley as she is a young offender.

Sarah says the problems between her and Ashley began when Ashley ran through a hallway at their school shouting that she was going to kill Sarah.

Sarah says Ashley was suspended for that incident, but returned to the school on Dec. 17, in the middle of the suspension, and punched her.

“I fell and hit the ground, and while the guys were holding her hands back, she was stomping on my face with her boots in the eye,” Sarah tells CTV.

“My body went limp and I was thinking to myself, in front of my three best friends, that I was going to die.”

Later that day, Ashley sent out a tweet.

“Damn first assult charge and i didnt even make the c*** bleed.. So dissapointed,” reads the tweet, which has been censored for this article.

Sarah says Ashley wasn’t expelled over the attack. She was, however, charged by police with uttering threats and assault.

After that incident, Sarah said she began to fear for her life. Now she won’t go anywhere on her own, not even to take a shower.

She says her forehead still swells up at times and she has constant nightmares.

When asked by CTV if she feels the school is keeping her safe, Sarah replied “Absolutely not.”

Sarah says her school has told her multiple times that Ashley has a right to be there as long as she doesn’t contact Sarah directly or indirectly.

Waterloo Region District School Board officials refuse to answer questions from CTV on the incident or appear on camera.

In a statement, the board says it takes all incidents seriously and thoroughly investigates complaints.

“Each situation is different and can have many aspects that need to be considered,” reads the statement.

“Administrators take appropriate action based on the information they have, and the guidance provided in our policies, procedures and Safe Schools protocol.”

Sarah’s story was brought to CTV’s attention by a parent from the school community.

“I think bullying is a big problem,” the parent tells CTV.

“The schools may say that they’re addressing bullying, and perhaps they are, but not a zero-tolerance policy because there was absolutely no zero-tolerance policy in this situation whatsoever. When are they going to take more drastic actions? After this girl is killed? It’s too late then.”

Ashley appeared in court Thursday. Her lawyer told the judge she intends to plead guilty to assault charges

In a victim impact statement read in court, Sarah says police told her Ashley said “I’m not going to stop until I kill her.”

Sarah says she had a scholarship offer but has turned it down, believing there’s no point to planning a future for herself.

“It’s more than just fear. It’s my life, and I know that it can be taken from me and I’m just waiting for that day to happen,” she says.