Six Nations Fire was called to an unusual break-in on Tuesday night.

An alarm went off at Fire Station #3 in Oshweken at 6:07 p.m.

When crews arrived less than ten minutes later they saw that the station's garage door was completely destroyed. They say a vehicle drove right through the door.

“You could see evidence by the tread marks going into the bay and spin out marks inside the station,” says Fire Chief Matthew Miller.

The thieves also tried -- unsuccessfully -- to “hot wire” a pumper truck.

A rescue boat and a snow plow were also damaged.

Fire Station #3 and the pumper truck could be out of service for the next week or more.

If there’s a fire while both are out of commission, response times could double.

“To get the pumper on the road we’re looking at 5 or 6 minutes,” says Capt. Tom Deer. “Now that’s double, so if we have to go to the next closest station we’re looking at an extra ten kilometres to drive.”

Damage to the building is estimated at $20,000. It could cost another $15,000 to fix the damaged boat, and $5,000 for the fire truck.